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Cold and Flu Season: Toothaches and Your Sinuses

By Craig Smith
February 17, 2017

Among your sniffles and sneezes this season, you might notice a dull pain in your gums. Don’t automatically assume there’s a dental drill in your future. When you get sick your sinus chambers get blocked with excess mucus. Because you have sinuses near your jawbone, this discomfort affects your teeth and can often be confused for ... read more

Looking to Ward off the Flu? Start by Brushing Your Teeth

By Craig Smith
October 20, 2016

Flu season is upon us again, and it seems like everyone is looking for the magic bullet to give their immune system that competitive edge over the irritating virus. Part of the reason that the flu is so contagious is that it is spread primarily through aerosolized droplets of moisture, which can either enter directly ... read more

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