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Start a New Habit - Flossing!

By Craig Smith
March 1, 2016

How often do you floss? Every day? Several times a month? The day before your dental appointment? If you fall in the latter categories, you’re probably not alone. Just like any routine, it takes time, consistency and persistence to begin a habit. For a cleaner, healthier smile, use the following tips to start a lifelong habit of flossing.

Tips for making flossing a daily habit:
  1. benefits of flossingDo it the same time everyday. You probably brush your teeth without thinking about it because it has been part of your daily routine since childhood. Establishing a set time each day to floss, preferably when you’re done eating for the day, will help make flossing a part of your everyday routine. The easiest reminder is to place your floss beside your toothbrush. If you have children, encourage this behavior at a young age to help them establish good dental habits early in life.
  2. Combine flossing with another activity. You don’t necessarily have to floss in front of a mirror. Many people floss while watching TV, commuting to work, riding a stationary bike, or listening to music.
  3. Keep floss everywhere. You are not as likely to forget to floss if you see reminders of it in multiple locations. Keep a pack in the car, in your desk drawer, or your purse or backpack. If you travel frequently, pack a spare in your overnight bag.
  4. Try flavored floss or waxed floss. Mint or cinnamon-flavored floss can promote fresher breath and make flossing more enjoyable. If you have trouble sliding floss through your teeth, you may wish to try a waxed floss. Whatever your preference, the best type of floss is the one you’ll use on a consistent basis.

You can’t have good health without good oral health! Start flossing today and enjoy a cleaner, healthier smile!

*Post taken from Delta Dental of Idaho's website. Click HERE to view original post.

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