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Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic CleaningWhat is plaque?

Dental plaque, which is the main cause of gum or periodontal disease, is described as a fill of bacteria that is produced at the teeth surface. Once bacteria settle on the teeth, it creates a biofilm, which will lead to the formation of “pockets” when left unremoved. These pockets, which are the gaps formed between the teeth and their surrounding gum tissues, can house hardened plaque deposits that develop into calculus or tartar. To keep you away from decay and possible tooth loss, regular visits to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned is often recommended by professionals.

What is scaling?

Scaling is the procedure of choice to remove hard deposits of calculus and plaque in the teeth’s surface. Traditionally, scaling is done using hand-held scalers, which are used to manually scrape the tartar out of the pockets and away from the teeth. The success of the procedure depends greatly on the skill and knowledge of the dentist. While this has been an effective treatment for the removal of tartar, the process can take longer to complete and can bring discomfort to the patient.

What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is an advanced technology in dental cleaning that uses ultrasonic vibration in special instruments to destroy and remove deposits of bacteria that have hardened into calculus. This technology creates shockwaves that destroy bacterial cells and prevent them from spreading. Power scalers work by washing and flushing out the bacteria from the pockets with water. Exposed root surfaces are also cleaned of any tartar or calculus using ultrasonic cleaning.

What are the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning?

Similarly, power scalers are effective manual instruments for the removal of calculus in shallow gum pockets. They also prove to be more effective in removing calculus that are larger than 4mm and in removing calculus that form in the root surfaces. Ultrasonic cleaning instruments have small tips that can better penetrate into the periodontal pockets and provide more comfort compared to traditional scaling instruments. The area will be flushed with coolant sprays to remove calculi deposits. Significantly, ultrasonic cleaning can be completed in lesser time than traditional scaling.

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