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Reasons to Floss!

By Craig Smith
February 23, 2016

Dentists have heard all the excuses!

Upload: February 23, 2016

Whatever the excuse, if you’re not flossing on a consistent basis, it can impact your dental health and your overall health! Below is a list of four important reasons to floss on a daily basis.
  1. Upload: February 23, 2016Prevent Cavities Brushing your teeth is one way to get rid of germs and plaque that cause cavities. But brushing alone isn’t enough. Using floss or flossing tools is the best way to reach between your teeth.
  2. Prevent Gum Disease Do your gums bleed when you brush or floss? If so, you may have gum disease or gingivitis (the beginning stages of gum disease). The good news? Gingivitis and gum disease can be reversed if caught early. Flossing, in addition to brushing, helps to keep plaque at bay and your teeth and gums healthy.
  3. Prevent Future Health Risks Researchers continue to discover reasons to brush and floss! According to recent studies, disease-causing bacteria, including those that cause gum disease, are believed to travel from the mouth to the other parts of your body, potentially putting you at risk for serious medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and pre-term or lowbirth weight babies. Make flossing an integral part of your dental health regime to ward off gum disease.
  4. Prevent Bad Breath Do you have bad breath? You aren’t alone. Halitosis (bad breath) afflicts approximately 80 million Americans. The best way to beat back bad breath is to brush, floss, and clean your tongue each day. I don’t have time to floss in the morning! Floss gets stuck in my teeth! My dog ate my floss??!! My hands are too big for floss!
You can’t have good health without good oral health! Start flossing today and enjoy a cleaner, healthier smile!


*Post taken from Delta Dental of Idaho's website. Click HERE to view original post.

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