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Intraoral Cameras

By Craig Smith
December 21, 2015

Some patients learn better when they can see what is going on rather than by having me talk to them.

One way of doing this is by using intraoral cameras.

An intraoral camera is the size of a dental handpiece. It shows a digital image of the inside your mouth and displays it on a chairside monitor. It shows you exactly what I see when I am doing an exam. I can point out problem areas and tell you how I can treat them. For example, I may tell you that you have a tooth with decay. I may even point it out on the x-ray. But with an intraoral camera, I can show you. The camera can zoom in on the tooth so we can see it more closely. Sometimes we may even print pictures for you to take home to use as a helpful tool when talking about treatment options with your family or friends.

Our office hopes this technology will provide you with the most advanced, efficient, and convenient dental care available.

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