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Toothy Coloring

By Craig Smith
September 15, 2016

There’s a simple, fun, free activity available that has a proven track record of reducing anxiety and promoting focus and mindfulness. It can serve as the perfect activity to unwind after a long day of work, or the perfect activity to participate in as a family to facilitate conversation and connections. What is it? Coloring!

Coloring is no longer a pastime reserved only for children; Adult coloring books have flooded store shelves and taken over best-seller lists and if you’re not on the wagon yet, here are 10 reasons to hop on! We love the following 10 printable adult coloring pages, and are so excited to share them with you. Each custom page features a different toothy theme, and the collection includes a variety of difficulty levels.

1 - Abstract Geometric Teeth Pattern Coloring Page

Abstract Geometric Teeth Pattern Coloring Page

Wow! This is one mesmerizing, mouthy, masterpiece.

2 - Elephant With Toothbrush Coloring Page

Elephant With Toothbrush Coloring Page

An elephant never forgets…to brush his teeth!

3 - Everybody Smiles in the Same Language Coloring Page

Upload: September 8, 2016

No matter what part of the world you’re from, we all smile in the same language!

4 - Jaw Carved From Rock Coloring Page

Jaw Carved From Rock Coloring Page

Talk about a chiseled jawline…

5 - Toothy Giraffe Coloring Page

Toothy Giraffe Coloring Page

Did you know that giraffes only have bottom teeth?

6 - Tooth Cityscape Coloring Page

Tooth Cityscape Coloring Page

We know there are complicated systems working inside every tooth, but we didn’t realize one of those systems was a railroad!

7 - Artistic Tooth Fairy Coloring Page

Artistic Tooth Fairy Coloring Page

She’s part nymph, part goddess, and 100% tooth fairy.

8 - Junk Food Monster Coloring Page

Junk Food Monster Coloring Page

A lot of substances can be toxic for teeth – consume too many and you’ll summon the junk food monster. If he isn’t a scary enough warning we don’t know what is!

9 - When You Smile I Smile Coloring Page

When You Smile I Smile Coloring Page

Smiles are one of the few contagious things you DO want to catch!

10 - Smiling Dog Coloring Page

Smiling Dog Coloring Page

This canine has some nice canines!

Whether you plan to embark on a solo coloring adventure or conspire to start a coloring club, we hope that you print off some of these fun designs, grab some crayons, and find this to be a relaxing outlet. Of course if you do end up making a masterpiece, please tag us on your social media outlet of choice so that we may marvel at your “jaw-dropping” results!

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