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CEREC CAD/CAM Restorations

By Craig Smith
December 7, 2015

We love our CEREC machine, and wanted to share more about it with you.  This technology allows us to make custom dental restorations for patients, such as inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges. Many restorations can be done in one day.

With this technology, I can design the size and shape of a tooth restoration on a computer. Our milling unit then cuts out the crown from a solid porcelain block. In the past, this procedure took at least two office visits and at least one week to complete, but now most procedures can be done in a single day. In many cases, it also means fewer injections and less drilling. And because you will get your tooth fixed on the same day, you will not need to have a temporary crown.

We have been using our CEREC system for years. This technology will give you the most advanced, efficient, and convenient dental care available.  Next time you're in the office, ask us to show you our CEREC machine at work!

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