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Seven Great Candy Alternatives for Halloween

By Craig Smith
October 27, 2016
Halloween ToothWhat's a dentist to do during Halloween?

No dental office wants to contribute to the childhood caries epidemic, or worse, be accused of contributing to their own market. However, being the "toothbrush" house on the block isn't fun either. Never fear – we've come up with seven candy alternatives you can share with the kids in your neighborhood this Halloween.

  1. Pocket coloring books - Coloring books are a great non-candy giveaway, especially if you have a selection for kids to choose from. Parents will appreciate a quiet activity for their children to do, and kids will love getting to color their favorite characters.
  2. Fun markers and pen - Glitter gel, color-changing and scented markers are fun to show off at school and create with. Just make sure they're reasonably washable for the sake of the parents.
  3. Novelty toothpaste - The one dental-related item that may not come across as completely lame is unusual toothpastes. Cupcake, bacon and pickle flavors can produce laughs and playful dares. There are also novelty caps shaped like animal heads and more.
  4. Puzzles and table games - Stand out by offering brain-teasers, dice games and travel-sized board games. Puzzles and games help pass the time during car rides and restaurant waits, ensuring the fun will last long after the Halloween candy has all been eaten.
  5. Airplanes and helicopters - For older children, consider picking up some glider kits, (the ones you punch out of a card) or the little helicopter toys that are spun between the hands until they lift off.
  6. Trick or Treaters"Fidget" toys - Bouncy balls, yo-yos and jacks give kids a great opportunity to fiddle with something to channel excess energy, and get them off the screen and out into the world.
  7. Gift cards to the bookstore or cinema - Support local businesses and give kids a fun reason to visit the bookstore for a paperback or picture book. Movie theaters often have discount tickets available for bulk purchase, and can be a fun prize as well.

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