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Start a New Habit - Flossing!

By Craig Smith
March 1, 2016

How often do you floss? Every day? Several times a month? The day before your dental appointment? If you fall in the latter categories, you’re probably not alone. Just like any routine, it takes time, consistency and persistence to begin a habit. For a cleaner, healthier smile, use the following tips to start a lifelong ... read more

Reasons to Floss!

By Craig Smith
February 23, 2016

Dentists have heard all the excuses! Whatever the excuse, if you’re not flossing on a consistent basis, it can impact your dental health and your overall health! Below is a list of four important reasons to floss on a daily basis. Prevent Cavities Brushing your teeth is one way to get rid of germs and ... read more

Faster Invisalign start with CEREC

By Craig Smith
December 28, 2015

With the CEREC Omnicam, the smallest, powder-free video camera on the market and the guided scanning process using the CEREC Ortho software, we are able to easily and quickly create a digital impression of a patients entire jaw. The impression data is then sent to Invisalign and other dental laboratories for manufacturing. With this advancement in technology, ... read more

Intraoral Cameras

By Craig Smith
December 21, 2015

Some patients learn better when they can see what is going on rather than by having me talk to them. One way of doing this is by using intraoral cameras. An intraoral camera is the size of a dental handpiece. It shows a digital image of the inside your mouth and displays it on a ... read more

CEREC CAD/CAM Restorations

By Craig Smith
December 7, 2015

We love our CEREC machine, and wanted to share more about it with you.  This technology allows us to make custom dental restorations for patients, such as inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges. Many restorations can be done in one day. With this technology, I can design the size and shape of a tooth restoration on a ... read more

Three Tooth Replacement Options

By Craig Smith
November 23, 2015

I would like to tell you about three choices for replacing missing teeth so that we can work together to make the decision easier, and find which is best for you. The first option is implants. Implants are cylinders that are inserted surgically into the jaw where they serve as an anchor for replacement teeth. ... read more

Tooth Whitening

By Craig Smith
November 9, 2015

Teeth can be discolored for many reasons. Discoloration can be caused by aging, tobacco, coffee, tea, soft drinks, wine, and other beverages and foods. As your dentist, we offer custom take-home whitening trays. Your teeth will become whiter and whiter over several days or weeks. The ADA recommends that you only use a bleaching product after ... read more

Tobacco Cessation

By Craig Smith
October 26, 2015

You probably already know that smoking affects your oral health. Over half the cases of adult periodontitis, a form of gum disease, are found in smokers. Smokers have a higher risk of developing oral cancer than nonsmokers. Heavy smoking and alcohol use together put you at even greater risk of developing oral cancer. Luckily, there ... read more

Dangers of Oral Piercing

By Craig Smith
October 12, 2015

As your dentist, I wanted to take a moment to let you know some of the common risks of oral piercing: Excessive drooling and difficulty speaking. Mouth jewelry can cause excessive saliva production and can affect your ability to pronounce words clearly. Bad breath. Bacteria breeding around your piercing can cause bad breath. Damage to ... read more

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

By Craig Smith
September 28, 2015

Putting off dental treatment is never a good idea. Problems may start out small, but could get much bigger. Possible effects of waiting too long for treatment may include: More pain More complex and lengthier treatment Increased treatment costs due to more harm to mouth and teeth Higher risks of infection or complications Longer recovery ... read more

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