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Posts From March, 2017

Enamel and Erosion

By Craig Smith
March 31, 2017

Your teeth’s enamel may be tough, but your teeth still need your help to protect them from erosion. Read on to learn more. What is tooth enamel? Enamel is the white looking outer covering of the tooth crown. This protective shell is the hardest tissue in the human body. What does tooth enamel do? Tooth enamel ... read more

3 FAQs About Your Baby’s First Tooth [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Craig Smith
March 24, 2017

As your baby grows and develops, their baby teeth are an important part to their overall health. Here are 3 things you should know before their first tooth erupts: Taking care of baby’s smile now will help keep them smiling further down the road.... read more

The Top 5 Scariest Animal Teeth

By Craig Smith
March 17, 2017

Teeth are amazing, adapted by nearly every member of the animal kingdom into specialized tools to defend, consume and outcompete others. However, some animals possess teeth so frightening or unexpected in their function that they would be better off in a horror movie. The Bobbit Worm These three-meter-long ocean terrors create long, vertical tunnels in ... read more

3 Pregnancy Dental Health Tips You Weren’t Expecting

By Craig Smith
March 10, 2017

Back pain, morning sickness, fatigue, hunger — it’s hard to know exactly what to expect when you’re expecting. Your teeth may seem secondary to other symptoms, but they matter more than you realize. Here’s how to keep your smile glowing throughout your pregnancy: 1. YOUR HORMONES AREN’T THE ONLY THINGS CHANGING. The same pregnancy hormones ... read more

Bye-Bye Baby Teeth: A Loose Tooth Guide

By Craig Smith
March 3, 2017

From first wiggles to gap-toothed giggles, losing teeth is a mouth’s coming-of-age story. Baby teeth falling out means your little one is growing up (*cue the tears*). It’s been awhile since you put a tooth under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy — what can you expect the second time around? Let us refresh your ... read more

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