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Posts From November, 2016

Geriatric Dental Care

By Craig Smith
November 24, 2016

Facts of Life Due to advances in medicine and an increase in prolonged life expectancy, the number of older people will continue to increase worldwide. It is essential that all older adults practice and maintain good oral hygiene due to the high correlation between oral health and general health. How should I care for my ... read more

Effects of Smoking on the Mouth

By Craig Smith
November 17, 2016

Using tobacco can harm your mouth, including your teeth and gums, in a number of ways. There is no safe form of tobacco— using it produces many problems and risk factors, from tooth discoloration and gum disease to throat, lung, and oral cancer, and, ultimately, even death. It’s important to understand what happens to your ... read more

Seal the Deal

By Craig Smith
November 10, 2016

Your dentist can apply sealants easily, and it takes only a few minutes to seal each tooth. In addition to good oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing, there are other ways to protect teeth from decay. Dental sealants can protect teeth and seal them off from decay-causing bacteria. What are dental sealants? Dental sealants are ... read more

Halloween 2016

By Craig Smith
November 4, 2016

This year we all dressed up as characters from Despicable Me. Dr. Smith was Gru, the assistants and hygienists were minions, and Austin was Dr. Nefario. In case you weren't able to see us in person, or missed the picture we shared on our Facebook page, here are some pictures from throughout the day. Happy ... read more

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