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Posts From October, 2016

Seven Great Candy Alternatives for Halloween

By Craig Smith
October 27, 2016

What's a dentist to do during Halloween? No dental office wants to contribute to the childhood caries epidemic, or worse, be accused of contributing to their own market. However, being the "toothbrush" house on the block isn't fun either. Never fear – we've come up with seven candy alternatives you can share with the kids in your ... read more

Looking to Ward off the Flu? Start by Brushing Your Teeth

By Craig Smith
October 20, 2016

Flu season is upon us again, and it seems like everyone is looking for the magic bullet to give their immune system that competitive edge over the irritating virus. Part of the reason that the flu is so contagious is that it is spread primarily through aerosolized droplets of moisture, which can either enter directly ... read more

Happy Birthday Dr. Smith

By Craig Smith
October 13, 2016

This week Dr. Smith turned 55 years young! Thanks to everyone who posted birthday wishes for Dr. Smith on our Facebook page. We sure had a fun time celebrating with him here at the office and wanted to share a couple of pictures from the day. We thought it would be fun to clearly designate ... read more

How Sweet It Is

By Craig Smith
October 6, 2016

With an increasing number of people trying to avoid sugary foods and drinks in order to maintain good oral and overall health, natural sugar substitutes have become more widely available. One such natural sweetener, xylitol, is added to foods and drinks, as well as toothpastes and mouthrinses. While it has positive benefits, there are some ... read more

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