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Posts From November, 2015

Three Tooth Replacement Options

By Craig Smith
November 23, 2015

I would like to tell you about three choices for replacing missing teeth so that we can work together to make the decision easier, and find which is best for you. The first option is implants. Implants are cylinders that are inserted surgically into the jaw where they serve as an anchor for replacement teeth. ... read more

Tooth Whitening

By Craig Smith
November 9, 2015

Teeth can be discolored for many reasons. Discoloration can be caused by aging, tobacco, coffee, tea, soft drinks, wine, and other beverages and foods. As your dentist, we offer custom take-home whitening trays. Your teeth will become whiter and whiter over several days or weeks. The ADA recommends that you only use a bleaching product after ... read more

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